It’s alive…it’s ALIVE!

BlogAfrica is alive and well. After a few months of near dormancy due to massive overcommitment on part of the founders – myself included – we’ve revived the regular blogfeed, a selection of posts from the 150 blogs registered in the BlogAfrica catalog. You can view the feed on the main BlogAfrica page, or subscribe to the RSS feed via your favorite aggregator. We’re trying to keep the feed to 5-10 items a day, in a variety of languages (primarily English, French and Italian.) Many thanks to Gudio Sohne and AllAfrica’s Kwindla Kramer for their work on the tools that let us provide this feed.

After spending the last ten days catching up with new posts in the African blogosphere, I have a few new favorite bloggers. Two folks I’m greatly enjoying reading:

Owukori’s Black Looks. The author describes herself as “an African feminist, a woman of a certain age who has travelled the world, the cities of Africa, the Americas, Middle East and Europe, now living in rural spain under the guise of being an organic farmer. But still my heart is and always will be in mother Africa.” Her blog offers an overview of some of the most contentious and timely issues facing the continent: African/Arab tensions, refugee issues, women’s rights and much more.

kwailawai* advertises “news and reviews of cool south african film, music and culture”, and delivers, with insights on both films and the industry that produces them. Recent articles have focused on incentive schemes used by the South African government to make the country more attractive to filmmakers, South African films in festivals in Zanzibar and Cannes, and a review of an odd website that seems to focus on South African rednecks.

Watch the feed for more news and opinions from all over the continent!

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