Peter Durand and Graphic Facilitation

Peter Durand is one of the unsung heroes of the Pop!Tech conference that I had so much fun at last week. While the rest of us in the audience had the luxury of paying rapt attention to some presentations and partial attention to others, Peter was charged with turning each of the 36 presentations offered into a 2×3 foot poster.

He did a brilliant job, and the collection of images he offers online gives you the opportunity to experience the highlights of Pop!Tech in about half a hour. His summary of my talk may well serve as inspiration for my halloween costume this year.

Peter refers to this art – summarization and notetaking in an accessible, highly graphic fashion – as Graphic Facilitation. It’s something I’d love to see more of, especially in large conferences where multiple talks take place at the same time. Also, I’m in an auditorium at UCLA, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Internet – John Perry Barlow, Tim O’Reilly and Dan Gillmor are on stage as the moment, and I’d like to see them all caricatured as superheroes as well.

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