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Jerry Michalski at PUSH 2005

Jerry Michalski (geek watcher, former Release 1.0 editor, conversational hacker) is giving a really interesting talk about deviant thinkers – outsiders. He gives us a rogue’s gallery of intellectual heretics, from seemingly unrelated fields and documents their individual heresies: Psychotherapist … Continue reading

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Matt Laar at PUSH 2005

Mart Laar‘s a funny guy. He introduces Estonia to us as “one of the countries where Santa Claus lives”, and gives the nation’s history by listing, in rapid order, the nations that have invaded and conquered Estonia: “Germans, Swedes, Poles, … Continue reading

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Ingo Gunther at PUSH

Ingo Gunther is speaking as part of the “panel” I’m on at PUSH 2005 (it’s unclear whether the three of us will actually speak to one another, as we’re all running long…). He opens with some interesting statements about “the … Continue reading

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Iqbal Quadir at PUSH 2005

Iqbal Quadir, one of the founders of Grameen Phone – the remarkable Bengali phone company that puts cellphones into the hands of women entrepreneurs – is speaking at PUSH 2005. He starts by reminding us that Bangladesh was producing 1/3rd … Continue reading

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The first bit of PUSH 2005

Well, I’m here at PUSH 2005, and it’s off to a weird start. Intentionally, self-consciously weird. Cecily Sommers, the conference organizer, has appeared on stage with angel wings and a halo made from newspaper. She’s following our artistic entertainment, which … Continue reading

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Skypecast interview with Alaa Adb El Fateh, crossposted from Global Voices

Alaa Abd El Fateh is an Egyptian blogger, open source advocate and democracy activist. Along with his wife, Manal, he maintains “Manal and Alaa’s Bit Bucket”, a site hosts their blogs and the blogs of several Egyptian free speech and … Continue reading

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Andrew Heavens blogs the violence in Ethiopia

A few weeks back, the elections in Ethiopia looked like a great victory for supporters of increased openness and democratization. Reporting on the apparent increase of the opposition from 12 seats to 174 in the 547-seat parliament, Abraham McLaughlin wrote … Continue reading

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Scavenger hunts, ugly Americans, and other options

I feel compelled to link to an article that’s getting lots of play in the African blogosphere this week. I found it through Ory, who found it through Timbaland. It’s an essay by Lara Pawson, a reporter for BBC’s Africa … Continue reading

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Porn x 2 = Politics

Great tidbit on Registan, found through yesterday’s Global Voices roundup – the fines for viewing political sites in Uzbek internet cafes are twice as high as the fines for viewing porn. At 1100 som to the dollar, will cost … Continue reading

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SkypeOut. Cheap. Not Free.

So I’m recording the second skypecast for Global Voices, talking with Sokari Ekine about the “war on terror” and the line goes dead. Skype makes a “click”, we’re cut off and I can’t redial. So I call her in Spain … Continue reading

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