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MSM and big bloggers react to the Global Voices conference

Jane Perrone spent the full day with us at the Global Voices summit, representing The Guardian. Her article on the conference is spot on (as is her accompanying blog post) and begins with a lead that’s going to be one … Continue reading

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On being retroactively thrilled

Charlie Nesson pulled me aside during the break between the third and fourth sessions of the Global Voices conference yesterday and asked me if I was having a good time. I told him, “I will retroactively have a great time. … Continue reading

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The good word from Canary Wharf

There’s almost ninety of us in a beautful room at Reuters Headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. But in typical Global Voices fashion, there’s a virtual footprint to the gathering as well. The conference is being audiocast – you can tune … Continue reading

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Global Voices on the BBC

Lisa Goldman, Sokari Ekine, Haitham Sabbah and I headed across town yesterday to the legendary Bush House to appear on Have Your Say, a new radio show that our friend Kevin Anderson is helping put together. Have Your Say is … Continue reading

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Chris Tenove responds!

A recent radio program on “This American Life” inspired me to write a rant to the show’s producer, Ira Glass, complaining that the show reinforced a greant number of stereotypes about Northern charity towards Africa and African dependency on Northern … Continue reading

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Citizen’s Lab on Filtering, and the opening of Global Voices

Nart Villeneuve and Michelle Levesque are starting our afternoon in London with a detailed overview of techniques to detect and circumvent internet censorship. It’s a hugely useful talk – I’m enjoying learning some of the tricks Nart and Michelle use … Continue reading

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Follow the discussion in London

I’m in London today, at a Berkman/Open Net Initiative meeting on Human Rights, Filtering and Blogging. It’s a complex meeting to blog about, since some of the content is very much off the record, as we’re talking about issues that … Continue reading

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Silver’s view of E-stonia

My colleagues at the Berkman Center are generally a pretty optimistic bunch. For the most part, we tend to believe the Internet is a very, very good thing, that it’s generally making the world a better place and that we … Continue reading

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My friend Henrik Schneider gave a quick but excellent talk about the Hungarian blogopshere over lunch here at the first day of the Berkman Center’s moveable feast of an annual conference. (Oxford today, central London tomorrow, Canary Wharf on Saturday.) … Continue reading

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Maidan and the Revolutionary Internet in Ukraine

Andrij “Andy” Ihnatov is the president of Ukranian non-governmental organization Maidan International, a key player in the Ukranian Orange Revolution. Started in 2002, Maidan is one of two key political websites in Ukraine. And Andy tells us that the other … Continue reading

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