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Dance, Sir Ken Robinson, dance!

Sir Ken Robinson’s website tells us he’s a “World Renowned Expert on Innovation and Creativity”. His focus today is on education and creativity. If you tell people you work in education, they run away rather than having to talk to … Continue reading

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Aubrey de Grey doesn’t want you to die

Introducing Aubrey De Gray, Chris Anderson does something a bit unusual, making it clear that De Gray is an extremely controversial thinker, sometimes dismissed as being unscientific. He goes on to explain that DeGray believes that people could live to … Continue reading

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Ursus Wehrli tidies up art

Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss comedian and the author of “Tidying Up Art”, an attempt to bring (Swiss?) rationality to modern art. He begins with a quilt-like work by Paul Klee. “It’s a confusion of color. The artists doesn’t really … Continue reading

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Nat Irvin and the Thrivals

Nat Irvin is a futurist, and the son of a baptist preacher. He wonders why we have such a hard time talking about race in the context of the future. Specifically, the invites us to think about our vision of … Continue reading

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Helen Fisher , scanning for love

Helen Fisher is an anthropologist who focuses on issues of gender, sex and romantic love. She and her team recently did MRI scans on people in love – married couples, and people who had been recently dumped and were still … Continue reading

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Julia Sweeney is a reasonable woman

Julia Sweeney is an actress who has a one-woman show, “Letting Go of God”. She gives us the first 18 minutes of the show, which, unfortunately for me, overlaps pretty neatly with the stretch of the show she did on … Continue reading

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Jim Crupi – we are all soldiers

We’ve moved down the street to a beautiful movie theatre that’s able to – just barely – accomodate the whole of TED. (About half of us at TED are only allowed in the “overflow lounge”, a comfortable space filled with … Continue reading

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Tony Robbins is an emotional guy

Tony Robbins is here to serve us, but he explains that it’s a challenge as his seminars are 50 hours long, and he’s got 17 minutes. Odds are you know who Robbins is and what he does – he’s a … Continue reading

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Phil Borges and BRIDGES

Phil Borges was a dentist. Now he’s a photographer. He’s focused on the disappearance of cultures, telling us that in this next generation, we’re going to lose half of the living languages in the world. An elder dies every two … Continue reading

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Rob Forbes likes cities

Rob Forbes, the founder of Design within Reach, gives a talk which is basically unbloggable. It’s a set of photos he’s taken while walking around the cities of the world. He’s got beautiful observations – the power of the color … Continue reading

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