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Protests in Minsk: Nice while it lasted

For the last several days, rumors have been circulating in the Belarus blogosphere that the unprecedented protests in October Square in Minsk wouldn’t be allowed to continue until Saturday, the anniversary of the declaration of an independent Belarussian Republic in … Continue reading

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links for 2006-03-24

DNA Cousins My DNA cousins – a bunch of guys I share a Y chromosome with – have set up a blog. What do you blog about when you’re connected solely by DNA? (tags: me blogs) Data Mining: BoardTracker Update … Continue reading

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From representing to pointing: some thoughts on the future of advocacy

I’m giving a talk in a couple of months at Netsquared, a conference about technology and the nonprofit sector. As a recent refugee from the nonprofit sector, I find that I’m quite often talking to NPOs/NGOs about blogging, tagging, photosharing … Continue reading

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links for 2006-03-23

Like so many other bloggers, I’m trying out a new feature from which allows me to publish each day’s bookmarks as a blog post. The theory behind it? There’s a lot of great sites and posts I tag every … Continue reading

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The world reacts to Hao Wu’s detention

I just wanted to offer my thanks to everyone who has blogged about Hao Wu’s detention or put a badge on their site. Technorati sees roughly a hundred posts about Hao Wu in the past two days; looking through my … Continue reading

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What should the EU – or the US – do about Belarus?

As predicted, Lukashenko “won” re-election in Sunday’s polls in Belarus, taking 82% of the votes – his nearest rival, Alexander Milinkevich got 6%. But US and EU election observers have declared the poll “flawed” and protesters took to the streets … Continue reading

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Assigned reading from Koranteng

One of the most elegant, poetic and thoughtful writers in the African blogosphere is my friend Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah. I occasionally suffer conceptual whiplash reading his blog, “Koranteng’s Toli”, where he switches with little warning from highly technical discussions of internet … Continue reading

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Free Hao Wu

My Global Voices colleague Hao Wu (who wrote on GV as Tian Yi) has been held in detention in China since February 22nd. He was detained by the Beijing department of the State Security Bureau – no charges have been … Continue reading

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Quick notes from the Continent

More quick notes from my favorite continent: – Can’t place Bangui on a map? It’s okay – so little is written about the Central African Republic that even top African journalists admit they don’t know much about the landlocked nation, … Continue reading

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Three Africa-focused projects

Three interesting Africa-centric projects that came into my inbox today: – NYU medical students are supporting a center for plastic surgery at Korle-Bu teaching hospital in Accra in an effort called The Ghana Plastic Surgery Project. In the US, we … Continue reading

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