Slides for my OSI talk

I’m giving a talk tomorrow morning at Open Society Institute’s New York headquarters, simulcast to the office in Budapest. It’s the opening talk in a series of talks on Knowledge Management, as OSI tries to figure out how to better handle information sharing within the vast and complicated organization. My hope is not to talk about conventional KM at all – intranets, shared calendars, groupware – and instead talk about how new “read/write web” technologies change how we conduct research and advocacy.

I’ve posted a vast slide deck – mostly so that anyone with questions about the talk can refer to the slides. You probably don’t want them… unless, of course, you do. (They’re 12MB. Be merciful to my poor beleaguered server…)

Nart and I gave a talk that involved almost 200 slides on Friday… now I’m giving a talk that involves almost 90. I wonder if that’s some sick sort of record. (Probably not. Lessig’s 10 minute talks tend to involve 100+ slides…)

Maybe I’ll actually get around to posting the second Week in Review post I promised on Monday after I give this talk tomorrow…

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5 Responses to Slides for my OSI talk

  1. paolo says:

    slide 45 = you explain

    slide 46 = you explain

    after slide 46 I would add = what is popular about “africa”
    (I know people would easily find it following links but I think they are going to be interested in checking what people think is important about a )

  2. Ethan says:

    Excellent poing, Paolo – I didn’t get down to that second level of tagging. I’ll add that in the next revision of the deck.

  3. Hey Ethan,
    Great stuff. I am just in the middle of implementing a blog based mashed-up intranet here at the Ministry of Culture in Brazil, and your slide-script fits perfectly into my speech.
    Thanx, for everything.

  4. Ethan says:

    Jose, so glad those were useful for you. Hope the project you’re working on at the Ministry goes well – sounds fantastic!

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