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Finding reasons to laugh in Zimbabwe

Jonathan Clayton, blogging and reporting for the Times of London from Johannesburg, has a couple of good anti-Mugabe jokes that are going around on mobile phones via SMS text messages. ZimOnline, reprinted in the Mail and Guardian, has several more. … Continue reading

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links for 2006-06-23 East Africa: Countries Agree On EASSy Project Model This is fantastic news – EASSy cable built under an open access model is a revolution for Africa and great news for the whole continent (tags: africa telecom accesstoknowledge) World Cup … Continue reading

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Alaa is free

We got the good news a couple days back that Alaa would be released soon – Elijah Zarwan has spoken with Alaa and reports that he’s “exhausted after a terrible night in the police station jail, but happy to be … Continue reading

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My heart’s in Accra… if only the rest of my body were, too

Man, I wish I were in Accra right now. It’s hard to be appropriately overjoyed about Ghana’s advance to the group of 16 in the US – the only people who actually understand football are dejected and grousing about crappy … Continue reading

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links for 2006-06-22

Weblog – Africa – Times Online: You have to laugh … Zimbabwe jokes from the Times of London’s new blogger in Africa (tags: africa zimbabwe) African nations battle ‘pirate’ fishers for shrinking resources | Illegal shipping is a huge … Continue reading

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10 trees for $6, or some thoughts on carbon neutrality

I was talking to a friend yesterday who runs a major annual conference. He mentioned that the conference had made the decision to go “carbon neutral” and was purchasing carbon offset credits to compensate for the travel of speakers and … Continue reading

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More good reasons to stay home…

When I’m not roaming the world giving talks, attending endless meetings, taking photos and getting assaulted by Turkish masseurs, I stay closer to home and buy records. Stacks and stacks of old vinyl records. I’m aided in this pursuit by … Continue reading

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FlexGo: the repo man on a microchip

One of the revolutionary ideas of the last few years in the technology industry is that the poor are a market. C.K. Prahalad’s “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” has helped businesspeople realize that people in poor nations … Continue reading

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Large man vs. Mr. Wiry: 1-0

I am a large man. This has served me well at some points, poorly at other points. On the one hand, it let me buy beer all through college, even when I was 16. On the other hand, it makes … Continue reading

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In which I miss the one match I REALLY wanted to see

What an amazing result for Ghana! I missed the match entirely, listening to the Turkish minister of finance list statistics on economic growth rather than watching the best African performance in the World Cup thus far… clearly my priorities are … Continue reading

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