Credit Where Credit’s Due

Dear readers,

I could use your help.

Every so often, someone asks me to nominate smart people to speak at a conference, win a prize, or generally get some sort of public recognition. I know a lot of people who do amazing things and deserve to be more widely known, so I’m often able to make these suggestions just by fipping through my Rolodex. But it occurs to me that there are at least as many cool people I don’t know about as those I do know about, if not vastly more.

I need to nominate three cool people for an honor… about which I can’t say very much, except that this honor would be a very, very nice thing to win. I’m looking for:

– People who live and work in the developing world
– Who do innovative work in information technology or online media
– Who’ve already had some measurable success (results, not just ideas)
– Who have big, big ideas that they need recognition and publicity to bring into being
– Who haven’t yet been widely recognized for their work.

In other words, suggesting I nominate Bono, Nicholas Negroponte or Angelina Jolie isn’t very helpful. More helpful is helping me find people like Dwayne Bailey, who does brilliant work on localizing open source software with and is now working in cooperation with Khmer.OS to build a tool for translation of software anywhere in the world.

Anyone who fits these criteria and who you think deserves recognition? Let me know – much appreciated.

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One Response to Credit Where Credit’s Due

  1. Dominique says:

    Hi, Ethan,

    I can recommend Dr. Alvin Marcelo and his team at the UP School of Medicine. Here’s a write-up I wrote on the work they did:

    Dr. Marcelo is also heading the IOSN node in the Philippines.

    I hope this helps. Drop me an email so I can do an electronic introduction.

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