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links for 2006-07-25

WikiHome – JotSpot Wiki (continuouspartialattention) Linda Stone’s notes on Continuous Partial Attention. Should be a fascinating book (tags: wiki ideas attention)

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Is Israel a problem for the Democratic Republic of Congo?

You might have noticed that Israel’s in the news a lot lately. You might have also noticed that there aren’t nearly as many stories about Africa as there were this time last year, in the aftermath of a G8 summit … Continue reading

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Indian Bloggers, 1, ISPs, 0

According to DNA India, the blanket block on some blogging services has been lifted. Evidently the Department of Telecommunications is now asking ISPs to explain why they overblocked so many sites, rather than blocking just the sites specified. One of … Continue reading

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Can Creative Commons and Commercial Aggregators learn to play nice?

Like many egomaniacal bloggers with too much free time, I check sites like Technorati to see who’s linking to my blog. This morning, I saw a link from a blog I hadn’t seen before: Following the link, I found … Continue reading

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links for 2006-07-21

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Backlash from bloggers as Indian censors shut websites legal theory for challenging the India blog block (tags: india freespeech) The Zimbabwean Pundit: Indictment of the world Zimpundit observes that the deaths caused by the … Continue reading

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Thoughts and disagreements over India’s blog block

My commentary on India’s unfortunate block of blogging sites was amplified on Robert Scoble’s blog, where the juxtaposition of India with China, Pakistan and Ethiopia angered some commenters. My point of juxtaposing those countries together was to express my surprise … Continue reading

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links for 2006-07-20

The Sumo Blog of Bernie McManus Excellent sumo commentary, as well as the proceedings of the Ottawa backyard sumo league (tags: sumo) India’s renaissance: The $100 computer | CNET Thin client approaches to the $100 computer, supported by Rajesh … Continue reading

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In an uncertain world, the simple pleasures of sumo

Israel and Lebanon are at war again, and bloggers IM one another across the border while missles land in their cities. Bloodshed in Iraq has escalated to the point where more than 100 civilians per day die violently. The Taliban … Continue reading

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links for 2006-07-19

On the Face :: The most blogged war? Lisa Goldman on the Israel/Lebanon war: “The internet has also been offering some surreal experiences, like the ability to have a Beirut-Tel Aviv online IM chat in real time while the missiles … Continue reading

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links for 2006-07-18

BBC NEWS | Africa | Senegal migrant song hits the net Senegalese rap song about the failures of African government and its connection to illegal migration (tags: africa senegal hiphop music) Foreign Policy: Think Again: Al Jazeera Interesting piece from … Continue reading

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