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  1. LuegoExisto says:

    Another you might be interested in:

    From the language, I couldn’t help but think that the author found that the dealmaking and characters involved where a little shady – here’s to hoping that no. Also, I had doubt that the full-fiber approach is the best way to go?

  2. LuegoExisto says:

    As to how much we spend on Aids, Roger England had an op-ed in the FT last week where he actually argued that we might be spending too much on AIDS (or perhaps better said: we need to be spending more on other diseases too).

    [In case no FT access, some of it copied here: and also here in Spanish:

  3. Ethan says:

    Folks have wildly differing opinions on the Rwanda project. The article has some major errors in it, though – it suggests that there was no telecoms infrastructure in Rwanda prior to Wyler’s arrival – actually, MTN has been quite succesful in Rwanda, and some internet cafes have done very well with satellite access. And it’s hardly Wyler’s quixotic goal – Kagame has bet the national future on the idea of becoming a cyberhub for Africa. Interesting piece, nevertheless – I don’t know Wyler, but from what I’ve heard, he certainly sounds like a character.

  4. Martey says:

    The essay “Somalia and Anarchy” was interesting, although I think it is worth noting that the region that the author seemed to be familiar with, Awdal, seems to be in the northwest corner of Somalialand, and therefore might not be representative of other parts of the country.

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