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links for 2006-09-23

China’s reach | FP Passport Great quote from Senator Obama (paraphrasing) – “In Africa, America’s absence is as visitble as China’s presence” (tags: africa china) Thai media situation deteriorating: Broadcasting regulated, Internet webmasters warned. Community radio stations shut down. Self-censorship … Continue reading

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Holiday in Harare: part 4 – Zimbabwe’s Internet under threat

They turned off the Internet shortly after I left Harare. I don’t think the two events were connected. And they didn’t really turn the net off, despite alarming reports to the contrary. Like many reports about Zimbabwe, the truth is … Continue reading

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links for 2006-09-22

Andrew Lih � Blog Archive � Wikipedia vs. Citizendium Really interesting update on a fork of Wikipedia attempting to creat e a “quality” version for academic use (tags: wikipedia) I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Google … Continue reading

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Holiday in Harare, part 3: Reading between the lines

I’d been warned that my laptop could be searched when I entered Zimbabwe. I correspond with a few folks in Zimbabwe regularly and had a few documents on the laptop – previous blogposts, primarily – that reference the nation. So … Continue reading

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Photos from Zimbabwe

Shopping center and parking ramp, Harare, Zimbabwe I’ve posted some recent photos from Harare on Flickr… This post is part of the Holiday in Harare series.

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Holiday in Harare, part 2: You might be having a currency crisis if…

There’s a sign over the front desk in my hotel which reads as follows: “Non-Zimbabwean guests must pay their accomodation charges in foreign currency.” I’ve been to several countries where it’s been forbidden to denominate salaries or prices in a … Continue reading

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My Holiday in Harare: Part 1

It’s a long way to South Africa, and I try to limit myself to one trip a year. So the goal is to accomplish as much as possible on a single trip, visiting friends and colleagues around the region. I’d … Continue reading

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I’d like to thank the academy…

Well, hot damn. The fine folks at the Knight Batten award for innovations in journalism have seen fit to award their grand prize for 2006 to

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Closing thoughts on DCI

Critics who worried that the Digital Citizen Indaba would be South Africa-centric, light on blogger speakers and have more white than black speakers were correct on all three counts. Organizers acknowledged all these shortcomings at one point or another during … Continue reading

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Making it big in South Africa

There are gradations of fame. Personally, I never expect to exceed the fame my friend David Weinberger predicts for all of us: “In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen people.” But some of the folks I work with … Continue reading

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