Vote for the BOBs

Deutsche Welle’s annual blog awards – “The Best of the Blogs” – is open for voting again, and some of my favorite everyday reads are featured as nominees. Zeng Jinyan, who has blogged about her husband Hu Jia’s detention in China, is up for a Blogwurst award – I have no idea what goes into a Blogwurst, but figure it’s best not to ask. Sami Ben Gharbia’s “Fikra” – his blog about life as a political refugee in the Netherlands – is nominated in for the Reporters Without Borders award. And Sokari Ekine’s perpetually excellent Black Looks is up for an award in the Best English blog category, facing stiff competition from excellent blogs like Treehugger and the Huffington Post. (Sokari was the founding Africa editor for Global Voices, and Sami is a frequent contributor on Tunisia for us.) Take a moment to weigh in with your vote and support some of the great global blogs featured there.

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3 Responses to Vote for the BOBs

  1. mistral says:

    Morning Ethan, the link you mentioned to sami’s blog fikra is wrong, this is the good one:
    Thanks for Tunisia

  2. Marijke says:


    the link you mentionned to sami’s blog, Fikra, is wrong, the right one is:

    fikra on The Bobs is:


  3. Ethan says:

    Thanks, guys. I’ve made the fixes you suggest…

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