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The Hibiscus Project: How African and Chinese bloggers start to talk to one another

This year’s Global Voices meeting was a three-day event for many of us. We’d decided it made sense to break the main meeting into two days: one open to the press and the local community and the other a closed … Continue reading

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Ken Menkhaus’s insights on Somalia

The situation in Somalia is, as it always is, extremely confusing. Headlines yesterday alternated between reports of fierce battles and reports that both sides were returning to the negotiating table. An excellent interview with Ken Menkhaus in Foreign Policy helps … Continue reading

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links for 2006-12-21 TED2006 Good preview of TED Africa by Tami Hultman of AllAfrica (tags: africa TED) Access Blogspot Banned / Blocked Blogs from Pakistan, India, Iran and China at A proxy designed specifically to allow people in countries that block … Continue reading

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My inspiring cousin

My cousin, Adam Zuckerman, was recently nominated for a remarkable honor – BeliefNet’s most inspiring person of 2006. The nomination recognizes the work he’s done in his hometown of Portland, ME, to call attention to the ongoing violence in Darfur. … Continue reading

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“Rebunking” the Lebanese ambulance story

On July 23, 2006, two Lebanese Red Cross ambulances were attacked by Israeli forces, causing injury to the ambulance crews and the patients aboard – one of the patients, Ahmad Fawaz lost his leg in the attack. The incident generated … Continue reading

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Suggestions for an Africa reading list

I got a great question via email from a reader a couple of days ago, asking what books I’d recommend for a Christmas break reading list for someone wanting to educate him or herself on Africa. I ended up suggesting … Continue reading

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I guess we’re not in Cambridge anymore…

It’s easy to forget where you are when you travel as much as I do. The hotels, the conference centers, the airports can all blur together. And at an event like the Global Voices Summit where you’re more interested in … Continue reading

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Language and translation on Global Voices

David Sasaki has put together a remarkable session on translation at the Global Voices conference. It begins with a conversation led by John “Feng 37” Kennedy in Chinese between the half dozen Chinese speakers in the room, then a five-person … Continue reading

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GV Annual meeting 2006 – the story so far

We’re about three hours into the first day of the GV Annual meeting here in Delhi – you can follow along in several different ways – the whole conference is being live blogged by Ange and SJ at the GV … Continue reading

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My life as a global media juggernaut

It’s evidently my week for total media domination. Not only are my latkes experiencing international exposure through the Boston Globe, I’ve finally made it onto The Daily Show. At least that’s what I hear: connectivity’s a little spotty here in … Continue reading

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