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links for 2007-01-23

Get a First Life: A One Page Satire of Second Life “Go outside”, “Find out where you really live”, “Fornicate using your own genitals” and the other pleasures of First Life, a one-page parody of Second Life (tags: secondlife funny) … Continue reading

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Avastin versus Lucentis, a controversy you never knew or cared about, or, far too much information about this author’s retinas

So, I realize the vast majority of my readers don’t want to hear about my personal health issues – y’all can skip this post. But, to be honest, I’ve spent much of January in doctor’s offices or hospitals and many … Continue reading

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One Laptop Per Child: Just what sort of content do you load onto these puppies?

I’ve taken to thinking about the One Laptop Per Child project in terms of three tiers: hardware, software/content and usage/support. In describing my enthusiasm for and concerns about the project to both people working on the laptop and people critiquing … Continue reading

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links for 2007-01-22

Asashoryu rounds off tourney victory with final day win – MSN-Mainichi Daily News Alas, Ama didn’t get the fighting spirit prize – he finished 10-5, a strong finish, but the prize went to Toyonoshima who finished 12-3 and threatened the … Continue reading

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links for 2007-01-20

OLPC is Genius Mike Hearn really, really likes the Human Interface Guidelines that OLPC is folllowing. I’m not as convinced, but I share his sense that the interface is trying for a revolution… (tags: olpc interface design) article Fierce – … Continue reading

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The article I didn’t write.

I haven’t written much about the One Laptop Per Child initiative in the past few months. This isn’t because little has happened with the project – in the months since I wrote a long OLPC post, we’ve seen a prototype … Continue reading

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links for 2007-01-19

RConversation: Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Vodaphone display some cojones RMack’s post about the recent announcement of a process leading to a corporate code of conduct for engaging in repressive environments. Congrats to RMack, Palfrey and everyone else on this critical … Continue reading

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Looking beyond the US for activist inspiration

I really enjoyed my time at the Berkman Center/Sunlight Foundation meeting earlier this week, but felt a little out of place. Sunlight’s focus is primarily on transparency in US government, especially on the role of money in Congress. My interest … Continue reading

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links for 2007-01-18

Kunsthaus Wonderful series of photos of Chicano immigrants in New York City, portrayed as superheroes while working their daily jobs. Photos include information on how much money the subjects send home to their families, which makes it clear that they … Continue reading

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Someone let me know if this interview came out well…

The good news: New Scientist, an excellent weekly magazine, has an interview with me in its current issue. The interview is several months old, but is still useful, I think, as it covers a topic that’s going to be with … Continue reading

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