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Visualizing migration

Listen to some of the more overheated rhetoric in America about immigration – Lou Dobbs, perhaps, or Representative Tom Tancredo, who is running a long-shot presidential campaign on immigration issues – and you’d expect these demagogues to come from parts … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-23

In Focus – MacArthur Foundation MacArthur foundation decides to explore philanthropy in virtual spaces, beginning with a $550,000 academic grant to research the field (tags: immweb secondlife philanthropy technology metaverse) Protest in China | Mobilised by mobile | The … Continue reading

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An update on the “third front”

What’s the US Army doing in the Horn of Africa? Periodically pounding the crap out of Somalia, sure, but the larger story is a bit more complicated. You get a free pass if you hadn’t noticed that Somalia became the … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-22

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 06/21/2007 | Native voices blog out of Africa Shashank Bengali on Kenyan blogs, including a great photo of Daudi Were (tags: africa kenya blogs globalvoices) Man Held in Ethopia Now Back in N.J. | World Latest … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-21

Google Public Policy Blog: Taking the Wraps Off Google’s Public Policy Blog McLaughlin opens Google’s internal public policy blog to the wider world – very cool to have an insight on what Andrew and the Google policy team are working … Continue reading

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A new wind blowing in Africa

If oil has the potential to destabilize or grow a nation’s economy, very few economists are concerned with the negative economic impact of wind power. While wind is a resource that hasn’t attracted mass investment yet in Africa, it’s often … Continue reading

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Ghana’s got oil! (Oh no!)

My friend Henok Mehari sent me a link to this story from the BBC about the discovery of substantial oil reserves off the Ghanaian coast. He wanted to know whether I thought this was a good thing or a bad … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-19

Theres Global Voices in my head on Flickr – Photo Sharing! Rafiq gets a great snap of me… with a wonderful caption (tags: funny globalvoices africa) Foreign Policy: The Failed States Index 2007 FP and the Fund for Peace rank … Continue reading

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Judging a magazine by its cover

Bono wants the world to care more about Africa. So do I. After that, it gets a bit harder to see eye to eye. Bono had a bit of a rough ride at TED Global in Arusha. In the first … Continue reading

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World Economic Forum: High Points at HippoCon

There are moments at the World Economic Forum that everyone would like to go a bit faster. These usually involve a Very Important Person saying things that are semantically meaningless in a very serious voice. (“We must redouble our commitment … Continue reading

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