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links for 2007-09-19

Eritreans Deny American Accusations of Terrorist Ties – New York Times Tensions increase between US and Eritrea over Somalia and over US’s failure to support a UN resolution giving a border town to Eritrea. US support for Ethiopia has helped … Continue reading

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Blogging the fast

My friend Shahed Amanullah, the editor of, is blogging his reflections on Ramadan throughout the month of the fast. The blog, titled “Hungry for Ramadan”, offers a reflection each day, often focusing on the question of how Ramadan can … Continue reading

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links for 2007-09-18

Internet & ICTs for Social Justice and Development News – APC An intro to a thorough postmortem on WSIS – World Summit on the Information Society – which concludes, in part, that WSIS may have diminshed interest in ICT for … Continue reading

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Closing thoughts on Idea Festival

It must be fascinating to be as well known as physicist Dr. Michio Kaku. He’s had a long and distinguished career as a theoretical physicist, working on theories that unify gravity, the strong nuclear and electro-weak forces through string field … Continue reading

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Idea Festival: Woz. Wow.

Steve Wozniak is the featured speaker at the second night of the Idea Festival. After a long introduction, he takes the stage and tries to debunk a small part of the Woz myth, saying, “I wasn’t a college dropout. I … Continue reading

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Idea Festival: Swarmed by Robots

James McLurkin‘s talk is titled “Dances with Robots”. He’s a researcher at MIT studying distributed algorithms for multi-robot systems, a former engineer with iRobot. He offers the observation that Hollywood portrayals of robots fall into three basic categories – frankenstein … Continue reading

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Idea Festival: Barrington Irving, flying solo

Barrington Irving has seen a lot more of the world than most college students. What’s more impressive is that he was the one flying. Earlier this year, Barrington completed a round-the-world solo flight, taking 97 days to travel 27,000 miles. … Continue reading

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Idea Festival: Tiffany Shlain’s web of ideas

While Idea Festival isn’t quite the blogger gathering that many tech conferences are, there are a couple of us liveblogging here. Check out Evgeny Morozov, who just posted a great summary of Craig Nevill-Manning’s talk, and Wayne Hall, who’s done … Continue reading

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Idea Festival: Craig Nevill-Manning and the secrets of Google’s success

Craig Nevill-Manning is Google’s engineering director and senior research scientist. He’s also a very good computer science teacher. In a talk at Idea Festival about what Google has learned about innovation, he offers an excellent introduction to computer science for … Continue reading

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Idea festival: Pictures of peace

Idea Festival had invited Shirin Ebadi, an Iranian human rights lawyer, writer and Nobel Peace prize winner, to speak at the conference. Unfortunately, the Iranian government wasn’t willing to provide her with a visa to speak at this event, or … Continue reading

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