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Pokémon and international politics?

Go to enough conferences and, if you’re lucky, eventually you’ll meet most of the people you’ve admired from afar. I’ve wanted to meet Mimi Ito for years – I’ve admired her research on mobile phone culture in Japan and have … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-13

Voices from Open Translation Tools 2007 Brief documentary from the Open Translation Tools summit in Zagreb, Croatia – organized by Aspiration, well-attended by Global Voices and other open translation advocates (tags: language translation globalism xenophilia globalvoices) A Young Tinkerer Builds … Continue reading

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Transforming how we think about fiction… and copyright

Several of my friends are involved with a very interesting new project, the Organization for Transformative Works. The project’s organizers describe the new organization as “established by fans to serve the interests of fans by providing access to and preserving … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-10

Food prices | Cheap no more | Cereal prices are as high as they have been in real terms since 1845, adjusted for inflation. It’s the result of increased meat consumption as well as ethanol production. Excellent Economist cover … Continue reading

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Towards the principles of open government data

The goal of this weekend’s Open Government Principles workshop at O’Reilly and Associates was to draft a set of principles to define what constitutes open government data. The people drafting these principles were, for the most part, activists who believe … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-09

U.S. Agency’s Slow Pace Endangers Foreign Aid – New York Times Less than 4% of money approved by the Millenium Development Challenge has been spent in developing nations. MDC is moving very slowly and putting allocated funds at risk in … Continue reading

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Tools for open government

I’m in Sebastapol, CA today and tomorrow, participating in a conversation hosted by Tim O’Reilly and Carl Malamud of The topic is “Open Government” and the folks in the room are some of the leading developers working on tools … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-06

War Is Boring David Axe’s reporting from Somalia. “The worse Mogadishu gets, the bigger news it is, and the fewer journalists are willing to go. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?” (tags: africa somalia journalism security blogs news) Cat … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-05

The Liberal: In Praise of Somaliland – A Beacon of Hope in the Thorn of Africa The case for recognition of Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991, but lacks recognition as an independent state. The basis of the … Continue reading

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Cute Cat Theory: The China Corollary

Michael Anti gave a provocative talk at the Berkman Center last week, arguing that Web 2.0 in China has seen its “golden age” end, and that Chinese activists are now using Web 1.0 tools like email and chat rooms to … Continue reading

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