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Media attention cartograms

I was thrilled to get an email from Nicholas Kayser-Bril earlier today, introducing me to his research with Gilles Bruno on media attention. The pair are making lovely cartograms – maps distorted to show a particular factor – based on … Continue reading

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You could listen to me… or to pro-Obama reggae

Solana Larsen and I had a great time hanging out with Chris Lydon at the Watson Institute at Brown University a couple of weeks ago. Chris is the legendary radio host and reporter whose Radio Open Source challenged our conceptions … Continue reading

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Give the people what they want (?)

Since I don’t make any money from my blog, I generally don’t pay attention to my traffic statistics. Things would be a little different if I were attempting to make a living – or even beer money – from my … Continue reading

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links for 2008-03-21

Ghanaian fashion accessory is plastic fantastic – Africa, World – Ghanaian entrepreneur makes handbags from recycled plastic bags, paying locals to collect plastic water sachets which are otherwise discarded on the streets of Accra. (tags: Africa environment ghana green … Continue reading

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After loading ninety pages of I Can Has Cheezburger, you may find yourself out of lolcats. Not to worry. Ian McKeller is here to help you. The LOL feeds page will take an arbitrary RSS feed and apply the headlines … Continue reading

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links for 2008-03-20

RConversation: Global Voices 2008 Summit: Budapest, June 27-28 Rebecca has a great post that may convince you to drop what you’re doing and come to our annual meeting in Budapest. (tags: globalvoices hungary budapest) Global Voices Online ‽ Announcing the … Continue reading

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Mashups for social change

Net Squared, an annual conference that focuses on the intersection between technology and the nonprofit world, is running a contest this year to focus attention on the power of the mashup. The site advertising the contest features Sami Ben Gharbia’s … Continue reading

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Become Pop!Tech’s official blogger

My regular readers know that the Pop!Tech conference, held in October in beautiful Camden, Maine, is one of the highlights of my year. The conference combines some of the very best speakers on science, technology, society and social change with … Continue reading

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links for 2008-03-18

ICT to ‘hack & crack’ foreign websites offensive to Thai supreme institution ‽ News ‽ Thailand’s ICT ministry is threatening to “Hack and crack” sites like YouTube if they continue to carry content the Thai government considers unacceptable. Yeah, … Continue reading

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The battle against international news clichés

Today appears to be the day to feature projects friends are involved with. I can’t resist pointing people to Evgeny Morozov’s new site, Kill the Cliché. Evgeny is a technology journalist who writes for The Economist and other international publications. … Continue reading

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