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links for 2008-04-19

How Obama and the radical became news – The Boston Globe Interesting case study on the ability of blogs to get a question into the mainstream news agenda – specifically about Obama and Weather Underground radical Ayers. Possible to credit … Continue reading

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Watching, waiting (part 2)

Readers of Global Voices – and of this blog – know that many Chinese people aren’t happy about western media coverage of the Tibet protests. Specifically, they’re really not happy with CNN. And April 19th is evidently slated to be … Continue reading

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Watching, waiting

The people of Zimbabwe have been waiting patiently – perhaps too patiently – to hear the outcome of elections that are now almost three weeks old. Since yesterday, they’ve been waiting to see what happens to the cargo of the … Continue reading

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links for 2008-04-18

China’s loyal youth – International Herald Tribune Chinese youth are optimistic, but rarely politically involved – “Westerners are not going to find allies among the vast majority of young Chinese on key issues like Tibet, Darfur and the environment for … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: the endless endgame

It’ not very often that I find myself siding with Condoleeaza Rice. But she’s right – it’s embarrasing that the African continent’s leaders haven’t put more pressure on Robert Mugabe to step down… or at least to release election results. … Continue reading

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(Dark) humor about Zimbabwe

You might have missed it, because I buried it at the bottom of the last (long) post. What follows below is a very funny radio segment from a South African morning comedy show: (I believe this is from Darren “Whackhead” … Continue reading

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Video Night at the Berkman Center

Years ago, the fellows at the Berkman Center decided that we needed a single day a week where we would all make a best-faith effort to be at the center, so we could socialize, talk about our research, share ideas … Continue reading

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Why it’s good to wander…

One of the very best aspects of being married to my wife is that she shares my basic theory of travel: if you don’t have anywhere to be, you might as well wander aimlessly and see what interesting things you … Continue reading

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On stage in Perugia

I often blog from the stage at conferences – it’s a way for me to keep track of what people are saying on stage, and a good way to stay focused. But it usually requires a cerain amount of explanation. … Continue reading

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The US Elections as seen from Italy

Walking between sessions at the Perugia Journalism Festival, I’m passing through the Corso Vannucci, the heart of this magnificent old city. With Italian elections taking place tomorrow, the Corso has been hosting political rallies each evening. Last night was a … Continue reading

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