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Kenya: Citizen Media in a time of crisis

Another day, another book chapter. No, not the book I’m hoping to write over the next n months – a book on citizen media in crisis situations being put together by a pair of academics in Britain. Given that some … Continue reading

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Chartock Radio, and the challenge of public broadcasting

Can you name the director of your local public radio station? This isn’t one of those tests where you’re supposed to feel guilty if you can’t name your congressperson. I asked this question at a meeting of US media professionals … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: small reasons to hope?

If you’ve been following recent news out of Zimbabwe, you know that the leadup to the June 27th run-off election has featured shockingly violent intimidation, flagrant disregard for international election laws and norms, and provocations of the international community. Add … Continue reading

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Chris Kelty: The Cultural Significance of Free Software

Anthropologist Christopher Kelty is visiting Harvard from Rice, discussing his book “Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software” at the Berkman Center today. The book is an ethnography and “analytic history” of free softare, focusing on the cultural importance … Continue reading

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The lengths some guys will go to for a blog post…

The lengths that some guys will go to so they have something to blog about! You thought it was bad when I had retinal surgery just so I could post pictures of the inside of my eye? Well, look at … Continue reading

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Simple examples of cool ideas – last post from MIT conference

Part of the fun of having an academic life based in Cambridge, MA, is that you’ve gotten to see a great deal of the most exciting research taking place in this insanely academic city. The last session of the MIT … Continue reading

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Cellphones, civic media and conversations with winged carnivores

It’s the third day of MIT’s Future of Civic Media Conference, and I’m still finding that I can’t get the phrase “civic media” to come out of my mouth. Must be all those years of trying to sell the “citizen … Continue reading

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Activism, art and future civic media

Chris Csikszentmihalyi is an artist and provocateur as well as a programmer, inventor and professor. The projects he’s most excited about within MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media focus on the interface between political action, art, journalism and technology. He … Continue reading

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New Media, New Voices

This morning’s session at the MIT conference on the Future of Civic Media focuses on new voices and new media. I’m giving the closing talk in the session, talking about the ten projects that currently comprise the Rising Voices effort … Continue reading

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Dyson on King, and different words for different audiences

I was lucky enough to catch Dr. Michael Eric Dyson speaking to the Commonwealth Club of California as I drove to Boston this morning. Dr. Dyson is a professor of sociology at Georgetown, a Baptist minister, and a fearsome cultural … Continue reading

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