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Kazi560 – Jobsearching via mobile phone

Unemployment is a major problem in Kenya, especially in informal settlements. A creative solution, called Kazi560, is having great success matching blue-collar workers with jobs via SMS. If you’re a laborer, you can spend an amazing amount of your time … Continue reading

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Future Civic Media at MIT. Shiny!

I’m at MIT this week at the Center for Future Civic Media Conference, a conference that’s bringing together two years of winners of the Knight News Challenge for discussions about innovation in journalism. The host is the Center for Future … Continue reading

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Citizen Media and Pakistan’s Long March

Hundreds of Pakistani lawyers are protesting Pervez Musharraf’s attacks on the judiciary – and the failure of Pakistan’s new government to overturn Musharraf’s actions – with a series of marches from Karachi to Islamabad, referred to as “the long march“. … Continue reading

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The architecture of serendipity

Law professors Cass Sunstein and Eugene Volokh brightened my drive to Harvard last week with a dialog about “the architecture of serendipity”. Sunstein is well-known for his concerns about echo chambers and “media cocoons” that allow citizens to insulate themselves, … Continue reading

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“If we act deranged enough, maybe they’ll just give us the country.”

A few days ago, media critic and comic Jon Stewart interviewed Hillary Clinton campaign chair Terry McAuliffe on the Daily Show. After McAuliffe announced that Hillary Clinton was winning the primary race and would be the President come November. Stewart … Continue reading

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An involuntary hiatus, for some of you

Right. Sorry about that. A large number of my readers haven’t been getting updates from this blog for a month or so. I upgraded my installation of WordPress to 2.5.1 shortly before I took most of a month off to … Continue reading

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The red dots lead to the Central African Republic…

I try not to spend very much time looking at traffic statistics on this blog. I don’t sell ads, so frankly it doesn’t matter how many people are reading so long as I continue getting good comments. But I do … Continue reading

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David Weinberger and the Ninja Gap

David Weinberger somehow manages to find time to write books, write thoughtful blog posts, AND produce a periodic newsletter – Journal of the Hyperlinked Organization – that’s one of he best reads on the ‘net. I’m deeply flattered that the … Continue reading

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