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links for 2008-07-24

How Good Is The Mainstream Media At Linking Out? An interesting overview of how some different MSM sites link to blogs and other citizen media, from a quantitative analysis perspective (tags: journalism media citizenmedia data)

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Saving sections of the daily newspaper

There’s nothing like a meeting on the future of journalism to get you concerned about the future of journalism. While there are some brilliant and exciting ideas discussed at conferences like the Knight Foundation-sponsored meeting I attended yesterday, there’s also … Continue reading

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links for 2008-07-23

A Priest Walks Into Qatar and . . . – Excellent essay from an Irish catholic priest on the differences in teaching theology in the US and Qatar. A good argument that many Americans don’t understand what it’s like … Continue reading

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Looking at the US as a “patchwork nation”

The Knight Foundation has been very good about ensuring their grantees know each other, so many of the projects presented at our meeting in Chicago today are pretty familiar to me. But I hadn’t heard about Patchwork Nation, a project … Continue reading

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Kristen Taylor and options for videoblogging

Kristen Taylor, the online community manager for the Knight Foundation, is a seasoned videoblogger with a focus on foodblogging. (Here she is, telling you what to do with scallops, mangos and bacon.) As such, she’s a great person to give … Continue reading

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The ongoing debate on the digital future of journalism

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation supports a huge range of journalistic programs, ranging from experimental efforts in community journalism to massive players in the media ecosystem like National Public Radio. 180 of their grantees are in Chicago … Continue reading

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links for 2008-07-22

Letter from China: Angry Youth: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker Excellent portrait of Tang Jie, a Chinese philosophy student and author of a nationalistic video that was warmly received by Chinese audiences on YouTube. Useful insights into Chinese cybernationalism … Continue reading

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The changing newsroom: good, bad and ugly

Project for Excellence in Journalism released an excellent study today titled, “The Changing Newsroom“. Based on survey responses from 259 newspapers and in-depth interviews with senior executives at 15 newspapers, it’s a very thorough study of changes to the content … Continue reading

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links for 2008-07-21

Ping – Inside Nairobi, the Next Palo Alto? – An optimistic piece on tech startups in Nairobi from Pascal Zachary. “To be truly creative in a technological backwater is to defeat geography” (tags: kenya internet innovation creativity tech)

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Egypt: Lots of bloggers, fewer wikipedians

My friend Kevin Donovan has an interesting post today, wondering about the size of the Arabic-language wikipedia. As he observes, it’s smaller than the Esperanto wikipedia despite the fact that it’s likely the fifth most spoken language in the world, … Continue reading

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