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The Economist visits with three digital nomads

The Economist has an online feature this week on Digital Nomads, people for whom mobile connectivity has become a central part of life. The piece features three videos, with the CEO of Sun Microsystems, Jan Chipchase of Nokia in Tokyo, … Continue reading

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links for 2008-08-19

Seed: Out of the Blue BlueBrain is an ambitious project to model interconnected neurons with highly precise digital models. Between the "wet" work done to create accurate simulations and the programming, the scale of the task is beginning to look … Continue reading

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links for 2008-08-16

Scamorama: book explains how to get into scambaiting as a hobby – Boing Boing Cory Doctorow posts a favorable review of a book about scambaiting. The comment thread is very interesting, evenly split between people who think scambaiting is funny … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding cyberwar

There’s nothing like the term “cyberwar” to capture a reader’s attention. For those who grew up on “Wargames”, “Sneakers” or William Gibson novels, the term conjures up images of heroic hackers in shadowy basements, frantically tapping on keyboards in a … Continue reading

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The joy of reading the footnotes

It’s pretty rare that I finish reading a dense, academic book four hundred pages long and find myself wishing it were just a bit longer. Paul Starr’s “Creation of the Media” ends with a sort of cliffhanger – he offers … Continue reading

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Bridges to Saudi Arabia

I’ve become a big fan of chef Anthony Bourdain, first through his snarky, obnoxious and profane books about the restaurant industry and food around the world, and more recently through his excellent television show, “No Reservations“. The show portrays Bourdain … Continue reading

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Who wants what? Google Insight on spam, pirated software and other fun stuff

Oh man. Google Insights for Search is good fun. I’m supposed to spend this week finishing a number of writing projects. But I spent almost all today running different searches and being basically stunned at how much data’s available through … Continue reading

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links for 2008-08-13 []

LOL Bush: The president at the Olympics | World news | The Guardian embraces the Lolcat, captioning a set of photos of George W Bush at the Beijing Olympics in Lolcat fashion. A great moment in journalism history (tags: … Continue reading

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Who seeks what, where – Google’s Search Insight

The folks at Pingdom, a company focused on server performance monitoring, posted a fascinating little piece of research based on Google’s Insights for Search tool. I’m interested both in their specific research question – what social network tools are popular … Continue reading

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links for 2008-08-12 []

Firm Offers Laptop at $28 to School Kids | OffBeat Buzz Another low-cost laptop aimed at educational markets – $28, 2GB flash memory, black and white LCD display, designed for the indian market (tags: olpc ict4d india laptop)

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