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Picnic08 – The future of social networks

Linda Stone, the queen of all social networks, wants to challenge the idea of “friending”. This, she argues, is the most absurd behavior we engage in online. Confronting her panelists – Jyri Engeström, Matt Jones, Addy Feuerstein and Philip Rosedale … Continue reading

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Picnic 08: Aaron Koblin visualizes the world

Aaron Koblin is a data visualization geek. He believes that “data systems tell stories about our lives”, and he’s in the business of building beautiful, poetic images that tell those stories. Some of his earliest works looked at mapping georgraphy … Continue reading

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Picnic ’08 – Charles Leadbeater, Creativity and Collaboration

Charles Leadbeater leads off the PICNIC ’08 conference in Amsterdam with a talk on mass creativity and mass collaboration. Leadbeater’s book, “We Think”, looks at the revolution around participatory culture. He offers a metaphor – media as we know it … Continue reading

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Assaulted by designers

The Hotel Lloyd in the eastern docklands of Amsterdam, is a beautiful place. It’s got a handsome exterior, beautiful common spaces, and a great location on the waterfront. Unfortunately, it’s infested with designers. I was in New York a few … Continue reading

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CC+Flickr+Keynote = my Monday

I head off to PICNIC in Amsterdam tomorrow night, and I’m a slide-making machine. I’ve sketched out the four talks I’ve committed to giving, and am now working on developing the visual accompaniment to the three where I have the … Continue reading

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links for 2008-09-20

San Francisco Call: August 25, 1907 A hundred-year old article on the phenomenon of sumo wrestling, on the occasion of the visit of a Yokozuna to the US. The description of a tournament could be applied to any contemporary tournament … Continue reading

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A24 – An online marketplace for African video content

Salim Amin has some big shoes to fill. His father, Mohamed Amin, is widely regarded as one of Africa’s finest photojournalists. He covered Ethiopian famine, the fall of Idi Amin and of Mengistu, and recorded some of the darkest – … Continue reading

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Sumo and the cycle of nature

The leaves turn from green to gold, the days grow shorter, the nights grow colder. The seasons turn slowly from one to another. Large men with few clothes on shove each other out of a ring. The eternal cycle of … Continue reading

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Playing the Internet with PMOG

Persephone Miel’s talk about the future of news media, given at the

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Media Re:public – what’s broken in journalism, and can citizen media help fix it?

My friend and colleague Persephone Miel presented her recent research as part of the Media Re:public project, a research effort sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation to study the role of citizen media in the larger universe of news and journalism. … Continue reading

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