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A closer look at a deep blue world

Sick of the US election dominating all media coverage? Dreaming of a future date, perhaps two weeks away, when it’s possible that headlines won’t feature Sarah Palin? You could always turn to international news, where the question seems to be, … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-22

jra%u2019s thoughts %u203A Ethan Zuckerman%u2019s Rules for Innovation A useful riff on my African innovation talk, arguing that a lot of NGO-driven, outside of African innovation won't work and can be damaging to local innovators. (tags: africa ict4d mine blog … Continue reading

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Geeks love librarians

Four talks in eight days, four cities in three countries. (Tihany, Hungary; Barcelona, Spain; Camden, ME; Manchester, NH). I’ve come to two conclusions. One, I need to travel less. Two, I really love librarians. I’ve had two chances recently to … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing, humor, participation

It’s been good fun hanging out in Barcelona with my fellow speakers, both the wonderful organizers like Juan Freire and Ismael Peña-Lopez and guests like Carol Darr, Andrew Rasiej and Tom Steinberg. Tom was kind enough to hunt me down … Continue reading

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On doing the right thing

A quick post, but a beautiful story that I wanted to share. You’ve seen the image from the 1968 Olympics. Two American runners – Tommie Smith and John Carlos – stand on the medals stand, bow their heads and raise … Continue reading

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Innovating from constraint

One of the great fears as a speakeris that you’re going to give a talk too similar to the person you’re sharing the stage with. Clay Shirky and I gave talks at an event a year or so back, and … Continue reading

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If it’s Wednesday… Barcelona

Just as it’s hard to argue with finding oneself on the shores of Lake Balaton, I’m hard pressed to find anything to complain about now that I find myself in Barcelona. Actually, I have a single complaint about my time … Continue reading

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links for 2008-10-14

Ghana News | Feature Article | Saving African Industry Through Trade Bright Simons profiles an ambitious new effort by software entrepreneur Herman Chinnery-Hesse to build a trade system linking artisans in rural areas to online commerce via a combination of … Continue reading

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If it’s Monday, this must be Tihany.

My backyard, Lanesboro, MA It’s so beautiful in the Berkshires this time of year that it’s a little dangerous to drive. Rachel and I went into Williamstown on Saturday to buy some groceries and get our mail, and nearly rear-ended … Continue reading

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Fathers, sons, museums

Friends in New York City tell me that they never visit the tourist attractions – the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building – until they’re hosting guests from out of town. I’m not a Cambridge resident, nor am I … Continue reading

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