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Ozeki Ama. I like the sound of that.

Ama, my beloved favorite rikishi (sumo wrestler) is tied for the lead in the Kyushu Basho, after defeating Yokozuna Hakuho in a widely anticipated upset match. Tied at 10-2, this pair of Mongolian tacticians are the bright light of an … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-20

Cat In Clothes From 1905 The world's oldest LOLcat? (tags: lolcats humor history) Ethan Zuckerman%u2019s work toward a Serendipity Engine Ida C. Benedetto Kind review of a talk I gave in NYC recently, by an extremely sharp blogger who asked … Continue reading

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Free Hoder?

An Iranian website is reporting that Hossein Derakshan – “Hoder” – is under arrest for susicion of espionage on behalf of the state of Israel. This is likely a result of a trip Hossein made to Israel in 2006, travelling … Continue reading

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Piracy – a great excuse to write about Somalia

It’s been a nice change of pace to hear stories about Somalia leading newscasts the last couple of days. The audacious hijack of a massive oil tanker has helped call attention to the phenomenon of piracy in the Gulf of … Continue reading

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Michael Heller and the gridlock economy

Professor Michael Heller of Columbia University got a nice endorsement for his book the other day. Former President Bill Clinton recommended his book, The Gridlock Economy, as a key to understanding the current fiscal crisis. Speaking at the Berkman Center, … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-15

Charter For Compassion :: home The charter for compassion: how religions can find common ground around a golden rule of treating other with respect and compassion. the launch of a global project to author and spread such a charter. (tags: … Continue reading

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Sniffing out the future in Morogoro, Tanzania

If you’re looking for evidence of human shortsightedness, you might start with landmines. Popular as an inexpensive tool of warfare, landmines now render land uninhabitable and unusable in 45 countries. They’re hard to remove: there’s an estimated 110 million unexploded … Continue reading

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Obama for vice-president… of Ghana?!

The nation of Ghana faces a presidential election that’s almost the inverse of the election the US just experienced. Ghana experienced a transformational election in 2000 that brought opposition politician John Kufuor to power. In contrast to the US election … Continue reading

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links for 2008-11-11

Using Constraint to Design for Innovation at Many Possibilities lovely and helpful riff on my constraint ideas from Steve Song, who gives examples of constraint in jazz, and goes onto apply innovating from constraint to the village telco model (tags: … Continue reading

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Slow News Day

Having trouble getting back to normal life after the longest US election cycle in memory? Imagine how tough it is to be a journalist. Or a newspaper editor. Even web aggregators are having some issues with slow news days. Here’s … Continue reading

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