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Media Re:public – the future of news in a digital age

My friend Persephone Miel came to the Berkman Center more than a year ago to take on a challenging question: What’s the future of journalism in a digital age? This is the sort of question research centers love to take … Continue reading

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Maura Marx, Open Knowledge Commons and the digital library

On Monday, my laptop and I set up shop in my local university library so I could escape the world of digital content and get some writing done. The university in question has internet connectivity, of course, but I have … Continue reading

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Bengali bloggers debunk credulous AFP story about Taj Mahal “replica”

It’s a story too strange to be true: a wealthy Bangladeshi film-maker is building a life-sized replica of the Taj Mahal near Dhaka so that Bangladeshis can see the famous building without making the expensive trip to India. At least, … Continue reading

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Consensus on Somalia: it’s going to get worse

Understanding Somalia always requires some triangulation. Recent events are more than a little baffling, at least at first glance. At second glance, they make a bit more sense, but seem to indicate even more miserable times again for the people … Continue reading

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Shameless self-promotion

Vijaysree Venkatraman of the Christian Science Monitor has a very generous article about my recent thinking on the challenges of finding sufficiently challenging information online, and how media organizations can architect serendipity in a digital age. I come off somewhat … Continue reading

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Citizen video and windows on the world

Yesterday afternoon, I sat in on a discussion at a Berkman Center conference about the role of YouTube in electoral politics. It was never explicitly stated, but the assumption (of course) is that we were discussing US politics. Was YouTube … Continue reading

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Open for Questions: Participation, from campaigning to governing

Our conversation this morning at the Berkman conference on Internet and Politics has ticked off my colleagues Yochai Benkler and Eszter Hargittai. Eszter reminds us that it’s a mistake to talk about internet users as a single group. There’s a … Continue reading

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The changing relationship between internet and politics?

“Would Obama be the President without the Internet? Yes, he would.” That’s Peter Daou, internet strategist for Hillary Clinton. His perspective is more or less the mainstream opinion at a conference held by the Berkman Center in Cambridge today. For … Continue reading

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A divided government in Ghana?

I’m in Cambridge, MA today at a Berkman Center conference on Internet and Politics, an event that seems to roll around every four years as a review of how internet and community technologies were used in the US presidential campaign. … Continue reading

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links for 2008-12-09

Global Voices Online Egypt: Egyptian Dialect Wikipedia A group of Wikipedians has launched a wikipedia in Egyptian arabic, a split from the classical arabic edition that's been developed for some years on Wikipedia. Global Voices rounds up reactions. A few … Continue reading

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