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links for 2009-01-24

Railroad Maps Collection Absurdly good collection of US rail maps from 1830s onward. In JPG2000 format (tags: maps history travel transportation rail railroads cartography infrastructure) index_new Lovely mapping project which shows economic intensity of various regions of the world, including … Continue reading

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More map lust: global populations in 1890

I get my best thinking done by speaking. Not just randomly shooting my mouth off… though I certainly do that often enough. No, I like giving talks because it forces me to think through an issue sufficiently that I don’t … Continue reading

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My Publius essay on the polyglot internet

For the past several months, the Berkman Center has been involved with an ambitious project, called Publius. On its surface, Publius is a collection of short essays about current issues in the internet and society, written by some of the … Continue reading

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On starting well

When taking on an important, highly visible, challenging new job, it’s a good idea to perform well on your first couple of days. You know, something impressive like radically overhauling regulations regarding lobbyists, or ordering the shutdown of a prison … Continue reading

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links for 2009-01-22

A Portrait of Change – Nation%u2019s Many Faces in Extended First Family – The Obama family looks nothing like past US presidential families, but a lot more like polyglot and polycultural America. "The family that produced Barack and Michelle … Continue reading

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BugLabs and open-source hardware innovation

Lunch talks at the Berkman Center usually promise a challenging room, filled with smart people asking tough questions. But it’s rare that speakers have as tough an act to follow as Peter Semmelhack of Bug Labs whose lunch talk fell … Continue reading

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links for 2009-01-20

A Chill on 'The Guardian' – The New York Review of Books The editor of the Guardian talks about the complexity of current-day financial reporting, the incredible legal risk newspapers undertake in engaging in complex financial reporting and the absurdity … Continue reading

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The Onion’s predictions for the Bush presidency

I don’t know when The Onion stopped being a must-read website for me. Probably sometime around the time Jon Stewart became must-see TV. Or approximately when the daily news became so depressing that Onion-style absurdity didn’t seem so funny any … Continue reading

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links for 2009-01-17

African Studies: 100 Best Books The Zimbabwe International Book Fair offers a list of Africa's best books in the 20th century. Remarkable, fascinating list. (tags: africa history books literature lists reference bibliography authors) World Watchdogs: Top 50 Human Rights Blogsbye-Justice … Continue reading

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Is ad-supported journalism viable in a pay-for-performance age?

While a great deal of what I write here is underinformed speculation, this piece is unusually speculative and underinformed. It’s possible that I’m flat out wrong about the idea I’m developing here. I’m putting it forward with the hopes that … Continue reading

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