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WSJ on online ad efficiency – more bad news for newspapers

I wrote about the pricing disparities between print and online media a few weeks ago, curious why my local newspaper was able to charge a $45 CPM for advertising inserts, while top websites are able to charge a fraction of … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe is – mostly – offline. Opposition – mostly – online.

Reports from friends in Zimbabwe suggest that the country is now largely disconnected from the internet. Utande Internet Service has a useful update dated March 5, 2009 – I reproduce it here in full so you don’t have to visit … Continue reading

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Stumbling into history in South Troy, NY

In early March, we all go a little crazy here in western Massachusetts. It’s been snowing since November, and there’s no guarantee that it will stop until May. In March, local stores start advertising “cabin fever” sales. Local families attempt … Continue reading

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Hip-hop and electoral politics: Democracy in Dakar

Apologies for lighter than usual blogging the past couple of weeks. I’ve been wrestling with recurring eye problems, and since the TED conference I’ve had to cut back on reading as my left eye is partly occluded. (For those following … Continue reading

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China’s complicated internet culture

The Chinese internet is lots more complicated than you think. That’s the core message of Rebecca MacKinnon’s talk at the Berkman Center on the Chinese internet, deliberative government and internet filtering. Most of the models we have for understanding the … Continue reading

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links for 2009-03-03

Ideas Project I muse about the future of mobile communications in Africa for friends at Nokia. Video clips of me talking about mobile money, mobile reporting, citizen journalism (tags: africa journalism mobile telephony currency reporting mine) MediaShift . Laid-Off Arizona … Continue reading

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The Economist, in Chinese. Just add 240 citizen translators.

The Economist is an unusual publication. In a world where print newspapers and magazines are facing extreme hardship, the Economist has seen its circulation more than triple in the past two decades, a period in which weekly news magazines have … Continue reading

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