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Saberi and Derakshan, and support from an unlikely quarter?

I’m glad that American and international media have been paying close attention to reporter Roxana Saberi’s detention. NPR, in particular, has been producing a steady drumbeat of updates, reminding listeners that Saberi has worked for the network and pointing towards … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-21

The Salon: Fighting Congopessimism… A ferocious and smart response to the FP "There is no Congo" piece from Congolese blogger and commentator Ali Mamina. He argues that the persistent interventions into Congolese politics by international companies, especially mining companies, and … Continue reading

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LinkedIn briefly blocks Syria, more confusion over trade/commerce regulations

If you’re old enough to remember downloading most of your software from FTP and gopher sites, you probably remember clicking on agreements where you promised not to export software to a wide range of nations the US maintained trade sanctions … Continue reading

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Deliver us from Twitter…

Sick of Twitter yet? Can’t say I blame you. In a week where Oprah took to the medium (and promptly got smacked down by Shaquille O’Neal, an old hand at the 140-character medium), where Aston Kutcher promised bednets for Africans … Continue reading

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Catching up on politics and social media via Global Voices

Three stories on Global Voices will help you catch up on some interesting stories around the world if you, like me, have been distracted by #amazonfail, Susan Boyle and teabagging tea parties. Collectively, they’re an interesting reminder for me of … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-16

Skittles and infowar: #pman, disinformation, and trolls – The Seminal :: Independent Media and Politics Jon Pincus offers a helpful analysis of disinformation on #pman during the Moldova protests, and talks about the challenges of maintaining a #hashtag on twitter … Continue reading

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Studying Twitter and the Moldovan protests

Moldova’s parliamentary elections on April 5th appeared to return the governing Communist party to power. Reuters reports that exit polls showed the Communists with 46% of the vote; figures from the board of elections released the following day gave the … Continue reading

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links for 2009-04-11

Global Voices Online Brazil: Tips to face the crisis from a popcorn street seller Terrific piece by GV's Paula Goes about a Brazilian popcorn seller who's innovating in his field, marketing himself based on hygiene, convenience and loyalty. He's so … Continue reading

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Where Dambisa Moyo’s right, and where she’s wrong

I’ve just ordered Dambisa Moyo’s new book, “Dead Aid“. For the past couple of weeks, Moyo has been on a full-scale media blitz, talking with Deborah Solomon in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, trading quips with Stephen Colbert, chatting … Continue reading

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Unpacking “The Twitter Revolution” in Moldova

On Sunday, April 5th, the governing Communist party won over 50% of the vote in Parliamentary elections. This was decidedly a surprise, as Communists had lost the last round of municipal elections, and as an organized anti-Communist movement had been … Continue reading

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