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links for 2009-07-19

AfricaNext!/IDEG grounding with Ethan Zuckerman – Vox An interesting conversation in a noisy bar – Amos Anyimadu, I and others discuss web2.0 in a Ghanaian context. Audio file, not great quality, but give it a shot. (tags: africa ghana audio … Continue reading

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Bowling in Abuja

If you travel a lot, you develop certain habits. Travel enough and these evolve into rituals, practices you need to engage in to feel like you’ve really come to a new place. Some rituals are very practical. I have friends … Continue reading

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Michael Best on Liberian storytelling

This post is from a MacArthur foundation sponsored workshop organized in Abuja, Nigeria to support Nigerian civil society organizations in using the internet. Mike Best of Georgia Tech studies computing in post-conflict environments, countries recovering from civil war, genocide or … Continue reading

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Afternoon sessions at the Digital Bridge Initiative, Abuja, Nigeria

Juliana Rotich of Ushahidi takes to the stage in Abuja to discuss the history of her project and the possibility of crowdsourcing, mobile reporting and rapid responses to elections and violence. Ushahidi was built in the wake of the contentious … Continue reading

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Notes from Digital Bridge Institute, Abuja, Nigeria

Digital Bridge Institute founded in 2004 by the Nigerian Communications Commission. The organization is wholly owned by the NCC, but operates as a private company on an independent guarantee. The organization is planning a move to a seven-hectare campus under … Continue reading

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Evgeny and me on BloggingHeads.TV

My dear friend Evgeny Morozov and I were lucky enough to be invited to participate in Blogging Heads TV, a fantastic series of video podcasts which invite a pair of bloggers to discuss contemporary issues. Evgeny and I focused on … Continue reading

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Ignoring the Omens

I’ve been trying to make some changes in my life so that I travel less, spend more time at home, speak less, write more and generally live a lifestyle that’s more sustainable. I mean that in a personal, not environmental … Continue reading

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links for 2009-07-10

YouTube – Nourishing Journalism & American News Appetite Extremely helpful presentation from my friend Alisa Miller at PRI about the content of news in different media, with a riff on my idea of nutritional information labelling. Includes an exploration of … Continue reading

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Wrestling with Jefferson’s Moose

Some months back, I had the pleasure of hearing an old friend give a talk at Harvard Law School. I met David Post a dozen years back, when his research at Temple Law School brough him to Tripod, the internet … Continue reading

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Activist media and selective amplifiers

Those of us interested in social media and political organizing have had a lot to pay attention to in recent weeks. Demonstrations in the streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities have apparently been squelched, but #IranElection still remains a … Continue reading

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