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links for 2010-09-15

What the Rsums of Top CEOs Have in Common – US News and World Report Study finds that 75% of top executives at Fortune 100 firms have worked overseas for at least two years – importance of international experience at … Continue reading

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Eric von Hippel and 2.9 million British innovators

Eric von Hippel, a long-time affiliate with the Berkman Center, leads off our 2010 season of lunch talks with a discussion of “Household Sector” innovation. To explain his body of work, von Hippel explains that he’s tried to bring thinking … Continue reading

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Evaluating censorship circumvention tools and “irresponsibility”

In a recent blog post, my friend and colleague Evgeny Morozov questions the responsibilities of academics who study internet censorship circumvention tools. As one of the academics Morozov mentions by name, I felt compelled to address his concerns. I should … Continue reading

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Media tracking and the quantified self

Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly have been documenting an emerging phenomenon they call “the quantified self“. The term refers to a set experiments that people are conducting – primarily on themselves – to understand their own bodies and behavior. In … Continue reading

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links for 2010-09-02

Comparing Approaches to Information Filtering for Relevance by @ScepticGeek Useful taxonomy of strategies to determine relevance within different search and serendipity structures. (tags: serendipity search information influence social socialmedia filtering algorithms) Mapping Startups & Services Filtering For Relevance In A … Continue reading

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Crisis Commons, and the challenges of distributed disaster response

Heather Blanchard, Noel Dickover and Andrew Turner from Crisis Commons visited the Berkman Center Tuesday to discuss the rapidly growing technology and crisis response space. Crisis Commons, Andrew tells us, came in part from the recognition that the volunteers who … Continue reading

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Media attention and dysfunction – a recipe for political cynicism?

Note: two updates at the end of this post. I’m not very active in local politics. I follow international news more closely than the news of my hometown. In my defense, Western Massachusetts is a pretty sleepy place in political … Continue reading

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