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Wow! 35 of you contributed more than 70 possible hashtags for me to use while discussing my new book. I don’t have a final choice, but here are my 12 favorites, and the folks who’ll be receiving advance reading copies of the book. I’ll try to reach you via Twitter, but if you’re on this list, feel free to send me an email at ethanz AT mit DOT edu.

My favorites:
@elpollofarsante: #RewireUS
@gwbstr: #WorldRewired
@joeahand: #globalBridges
@neha: #RewireNow
@cmperatsakis: #rewireIT
@caparsons: #whywedontconnect
@jon_penney: #PlanetRewired
@jhaas: #bitswithoutborders
@barrioflores: #EZRewire
@m_older: #globalwires
@mikewassenaar: #reallyconnect
@luisdaniel12: #GetRewire or #GetRewired

and an honorable mention:
@jhaas: #buythisbookorthepuppygetsit

#GetRewired is currently my favorite, but I reserve the right to change. If you’re a winner, look for an @message on Twitter from me, or send me an email with your mailing address.

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