Comments on: Global Voices Summit: Do We Feed the Trolls? Ethan Zuckerman’s online home, since 2003 Thu, 31 May 2018 07:56:57 +0000 hourly 1 By: Jan Sun, 25 Jan 2015 13:51:57 +0000 The “meeting the troll” part is particularly interesting because it shed light on the character structure of trolls: they avoid face-to-face conversation. But why?

In Germany we see a very interesting similarity with “Pegida”‘s refusal to talk to the press. Which is quite interesting because we can observe them behaving in an analogue context. They protest but they don’t want to talk and if they talk you realize their protest often does not have any real content. One of the Pegida demonstrators was carrying a sign saying “Islam = carcinoma”. When a reporter asked him: “why do you think that the Islam should be equalized with a carcinoma?”, he said: “I don’t equalize that – that’s just your interpretation” “But it says ‘Islam = carcinoma’!” (…) Demonstrator: “I will give you no more information”. (The dialogue and the sign were originally in German, translations by me).

He was a troll caught in public, obviously. And we should not feed people like that. When we offer them a secuare platform to speak, they usually say hateful things based on ressentiments. Why should be offer these cowards a platform to express ressentiments while they attack and endanger our platforms of free speech? No that the Pegida demonstrators start feeling stupid just demonstrating they start to seek public attention with crude theories and lies about their actual identity. They try to make us believe that they are concerned citicens and not disgusting xenophobic fuckers.

These cowardish people should be fought back for the sake of freedom. If their attacks inspire us in our fight for freedom: great! But we should neither belittle them by calling what they do ‘business’ or ‘art’ nor should we offer them any platform. We need global policies to effectively fight trolling of any kind because trolls endanger the foundations of a democratic and free society. And we should fight politicians who use trolls or woo them as potential voters.