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By: Chris Kurtz Sat, 26 Nov 2016 16:30:13 +0000 The one lesson I’ve taken away from this latest election is the extent to which the media responded to everything Donald Trump said by attaching to it the worst possible spin. It is no wonder that “internationals” in the US are feeling fearful. It isn’t what Donald Trump has said so much as how what he has said has been twisted for political ends. Even something as rational as “Better Trade Agreements on behalf of the US” was re-imagined as “Anti Trade” or “Anti Free Trade.” Harsh (and I dare say, appropriate) comments about Mexico was translated as “Donald Trump is a racist against everyone not white everywhere!”
Some say that all the hysteria over Donald Trump is his own doing, and there is a grain of truth to it, but the media, the left, and even too many on the right, made sinking Donald Trump job one. The hysteria, the exaggeration, the lies that ensued.. the fear mongers out in force… how much of this is based on sound analysis and rational thought? Virtually none.

The idea that White Nationalism is now becoming “normalized” is a media and lunatic fabrication. It’s got one goal: politics. Convincing the left’s so-called constituencies – all those “marginalized” groups – that America, and the right – especially the white right – is out to get them. . . that’s the goal, and it is an insidious enterprise.

Stop adding to this lie.
Chris Kurtz

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By: Seth Finkelstein Mon, 14 Nov 2016 04:03:10 +0000 Thanks for trying to answer the “What now?”, Ethan. It’s sorely needed.
I especially liked this part:

“But progressives need a new vision for an economy where workers, not just entrepreneurs, have a bright future. And I’m pretty sure that future isn’t built around the gig economy.”

There hasn’t been much I’ve seen in the anti-Trump response about taking the economic grievances seriously enough to change anything.

“Understanding that many people feel their future slipping away, and that people who feel threatened tend to treat those they see as “other” very badly, is an important step anyone who works on social change needs to take.” – Yes, and basically Effects-Of-Inequality 101 for neoliberals.

“But scarier is the endless blame game I hear my allies engaged in, figuring out whether we blame the media, the FBI or anyone other than ourselves for this loss.”

You left out The Deplorables, with the obvious feel-good response of infinitying-down on deploring them.

The disheartening problem of responding to Trump that I see, is taking on economic inequality is going to be very difficult because it’s critiquing capitalism, with all the downsides that implies for members of a certain social group. Whereas playing deplore-the-deplorables is generally a good way to in-group status, and doesn’t have much risk. Hence it’ll be a common path.

It’s going to be a tense next few years.