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Zimbabwe is – mostly – offline. Opposition – mostly – online.

Reports from friends in Zimbabwe suggest that the country is now largely disconnected from the internet. Utande Internet Service has a useful update dated March 5, 2009 – I reproduce it here in full so you don’t have to visit … Continue reading

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Bluehost censors Zimbabwean bloggers

There’s a lot of ways to silence dissident voices online. My colleagues involved with the Open Net Initiative have done pioneering work documenting the ways that governments restrict their citizens’ ability to access certain online content. But while the government … Continue reading

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Good and bad news from Zimbabwe

I mentioned two days ago that Zimbabwean authorities were holding a two-year old child prisoner, along with his activist parents. Denford Magora drew my attention to the situation, and has been orchestrating an online campaign to seek the child’s release. … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe authorities holding eight activists – and a two-year old child – in prison

It’s hard to keep track of all the bad, sad and infuriating news from Zimbabwe. While most international reporting has focused on a cholera outbreak, the failure to form a power-sharing government, continued crippling inflation, and now the prospect of … Continue reading

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Mugabe heckled: a new day for Parliament in Zimbabwe?

Once you’ve thrown an election, the preferred next step is to return matters to normalcy, dissipating the anger of those who opposed you by making your leadership appear routine and inevitable. That’s been Robert Mugabe’s plan in Zimbabwe. As talks … Continue reading

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Tsvangarai pulls out of Zimbabwe elections

On March 30th, I was at a dinner in Washington DC. Seated near me was a woman I’d just met, a Zimbabwean, and we spent much of the meal glued to my iPhone as election results came in from Zimbabwe. … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: small reasons to hope?

If you’ve been following recent news out of Zimbabwe, you know that the leadup to the June 27th run-off election has featured shockingly violent intimidation, flagrant disregard for international election laws and norms, and provocations of the international community. Add … Continue reading

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Zimbabweans on next steps in the electoral crisis

As the post-election crisis lurches on in Zimbabwe, the question on everyone’s mind is “What next?” The ZANU-PF government briefly signalled an interest in a “transitional government of national unity” – headed by President Mugabe, of course, but involving opposition … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe: the endless endgame

It’ not very often that I find myself siding with Condoleeaza Rice. But she’s right – it’s embarrasing that the African continent’s leaders haven’t put more pressure on Robert Mugabe to step down… or at least to release election results. … Continue reading

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(Dark) humor about Zimbabwe

You might have missed it, because I buried it at the bottom of the last (long) post. What follows below is a very funny radio segment from a South African morning comedy show: (I believe this is from Darren “Whackhead” … Continue reading

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