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  • Important essay by Andres Monroy-Hernandes about the use of social media to document drug violence in Mexico, and the shameful government response.
  • Turkmenistan's version of One Laptop per China, courtesy of Lenovo. Lots of interesting questions about whether laptops can connect to the Internet (heavily censored in Turkmenistan) and what content they contain.
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  • Pseudonymous operator of rescue robots at the Fukushima nuclear reactors writes about his experiences operating the machines, dangers at the plant, thoughts on improving rescue robot design. Written in Japanese and later deleted, cached and translated by IEEE Spectrum.
  • Interesting, if somewhat shambolic, article about Tunisian group Takriz, their links to soccer fans, to violent street protests and their use of the internet in the Tunisian revolution. Not sure I buy the narrative – sounds a lot like folks taking credit after the fact – and interested to hear how people the anonymous interviewers credit – including Nawaaz – react to the piece.
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  • London police write about levels of manpower put into reviewing CCTV footage to identify individuals involved with rioting.
  • London metropolitan police use crowdsourcing to identify suspected criminals in August riots. 
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  • Writeup of a fascinating paper on the dissemination of ideas. Mathematical model suggests that unshakeable belief can spread through a society with a very low tipping point (10%) Unclear how neatly the model maps to real-world belief systems.
  • Hemmingway's theory of literary omission. Worth re-reading every single time I attempt to edit my own writing.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco looks at US consumer spending on goods and services, sees 88.5% of spending domestically, 2.7% on "made in China" goods and services. (And even that number is high, as it includes US costs of transporting, marketing those goods…)
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  • Collection of graffiti from Cairo provides a graphical view of the Tahrir protests and the Arab spring
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  • NewsTrust builds on PEJ study, looks at a broader range of Baltimore news sources, considers independence, ownership and quality, as assessed by NewsTrust participants.
  • In-depth study of news in Baltimore over the course of a week emphasizes importance of newspapers, centrality of government storylines.
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  • Article examines the success of Indian CEOs at the head of Fortune 500 companies. Opening example includes brothers who attribute their success, in part, to their itinerant upbringing as children of an Indian general. Also discusses "jugaad", Hindi term for improvising and making the best of limited resources.
  • Sympathetic review of Pankaj Ghemawat's excellent Friedman response book, "World 3.0"
  • Orwell's column of May 12, 1944 takes on "the death of distance" in typically prickly fashion, arguing that the world shows increasing autarky, not interconnection.
  • A set of studies look at homophily effects around personal appearance. Researchers find evidence that people with similarities in terms of hair length, glasses wearing and other behaviors are more likely to sit together.
  • Pretty good piece on relationship between hiphop and the Arab spring. Excellent discussion of whether hiphop is American or global at this moment in time…
  • Clever ap shows word clouds of discussions underway on major TV networks. Uses a very interesting API from
  • Excellent Ideas essay looks at the challenge and power of archiving fragrance… and bringing aspects of the past back to life via scent
  • Amazing photo project looks at photos of New York and Bombay side by side and sees more similarity than difference
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  • Adams's wonderful essay on the return of interactivity into human culture, responsible for at least two of the best quotes on understanding the internet – one about technology being "natural" if you were introduced at a certain age, and the other about how technology allows us to return to being villagers…
  • Pew's analysis of agenda-setting in participatory and professional media, based on story by story analysis in 2010
  • A Chinese expert makes the (eminently believable) claim that Chinese is now the second-most prevalent language on the internet, behind English
  • Emily Bell identifies a whole in America's journalistic picture – regularly updated, centrist, fact-based reporting on international situations – and suggests that the weakness of American public media may explain the absence
  • Excellent Quantified Self overview article, focusing on the Boston community, by Emily Singer
  • Helpful reflection from Michael Nagle of the Boston Quantified Self group on QS projects that are focused not wholly on body/health but on broader definitions of self
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  • Charming little essay about a young American who seeks work at an Indian call center. Interesting reflections on the process of cultural neutralization that's part of the job training
  • Reflections around Middle East – essays, fiction, etc. – about the Arab Spring
  • Great work from Sensible Cities lab at MIT, showing connections across state borders in the US, visualized based on phonecalls, SMS. Breaks the US into logical, cultural units based on connection, rather than state borders.
  • An early analysis of the pervasiveness of blogging, useful mostly for the author's application of Benedict Anderson's idea of "imagined communities" to the act of blogging
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  • A devoted Netflix reviewer reflects on the company's decision to anonymize reviews and remove community features. Helpful meditation on what companies throw away when they serve broad demographic bases and deprioritize the needs of niche users.
  • Smart deep dive from Steven Levy into Google's new social platform/infrastructure
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