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Go buy an OLPC XO laptop. Er…, I mean, go buy two OLPC XO laptops…

I’ve had the date on my calendar for weeks now. I’d meant to get up early in the morning and get one of the first orders in, but frankly, sleeping in seemed like a higher priority. But at 9am today, … Continue reading

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Pop!Tech: Acceleration and managing AIDS

Is it enough to come together and talk about important scientific, social and technical issues? That’s a question that Andrew Zolli, curator of Pop!Tech has been wrestling with for the past few years. Conferences like Pop!Tech have the possibility of … Continue reading

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Delivering Ethiopian teff via Czech taxi?

Forgive me, gentle readers. I’m on the road again, in Budapest for the next few days – hence, the sparse blogging. In a desperate bid to get myself off the road for much of the next few months, I’m traveling … Continue reading

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Using mobiles to fight pharma fakes

You’re the mother of a small child in rural Ghana. Your child has malaria – she’s sweating with fever, then shaking with chills. You send your husband to the nearest big city – Kumasi – and make what’s a huge … Continue reading

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World in Progress podcast: Myanmar protests, online anonymity, web and development

One of the several interviews I did while in Rome was with Guy Deagan of Deutsche Welle’s radio program “World in Progress”. The program covers the use of digital media in the Burmese protests, and in international development as a … Continue reading

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Podcast on Netzpolitik

I’m back from the Netherlands, Rome and an exhausting and exhilirating week. Fortunately, I’m home (Massachusetts, if not exclusively the Berkshires) for the next week, which gives me a chance to enjoy the turning of the leaves and the beginning … Continue reading

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If they’re speaking Italian…

If it’s Thursday, this must be Rome. And this conference must be the Web2 for Development conference, hosted at the FAO in Rome. My impressions of Rome thus far come exclusively from what I can see of the city from … Continue reading

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G1G1 is a good idea. And, for the record, so is OLPC.

The One Laptop Per Child team has responded to a good idea offered by countless bloggers, wellwishers, critics and journalists: sell the XO-1 laptop to the general public in a way that helps subsidize uptake of the device in the … Continue reading

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The price of maize

What does maize cost in Ghana today? That’s a useful question to ask if you’re a farmer in Burkina Faso, wondering if it’s worth selling your harvest locally, or whether you might invest in a lorry to take your grain … Continue reading

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Summer doctoral program at Berkman

It’s summer, which – oddly enough – means that the Berkman Center is filled to bursting with students. Berkman is hosting the Summer Doctoral Program, an annual gathering for PhD students working on Internet-related topics, organized by the Oxford Internet … Continue reading

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