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Building the future of translation, online

Many of the conversations at the Berkman Center orbit the topic of technological determinism. While no one will actually admit to being a technological determinist, it’s pretty common to hear arguments that a new technology will lead, inexorably, to a … Continue reading

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Invented languages, cosmopolitan dreams

Arika Okrent has a thing for languages. Born in Chicago, she got good enough at Hungarian to teach in Hungary, and learned ASL while getting a masters degree in linguistics at Gallaudet, the world’s leading university for the deaf. Somewhere … Continue reading

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TED embraces social translation

My friends at TED have launched an exciting new project today, the TED Open Translation Project. It’s a powerful system to allow the “social translation” of their video content. This tool demonstrates the state of the art in social translation … Continue reading

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The importance of being a dork

I had coffee recently with Gavin McCormick, a bright young economist who worked with me at Geekcorps some years back. He took a position with a think tank out West and was telling me that, after leaving Boston, he was … Continue reading

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From protest to collaboration: Paul Simon’s “Graceland” and lessons for xenophiles

A memetic virus gripped the world of popular music in late 1984 and 1985: the superstar benefit single. The phenomenon of superstar benefits can be traced back through George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh in 1971 and The Secret Policeman’s Balls … Continue reading

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Pippa Norris on globalization and communication

Professor Pippa Norris of Harvard’s Kennedy School, is focused on “Cosmoolitan Communications” for her forthcoming book, titled “Cultural Convergence”. Working with Ronald Inglehart of the World Values Survey, she’s studying the ways that communications impact the strength of national identity … Continue reading

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More map lust: global populations in 1890

I get my best thinking done by speaking. Not just randomly shooting my mouth off… though I certainly do that often enough. No, I like giving talks because it forces me to think through an issue sufficiently that I don’t … Continue reading

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My Publius essay on the polyglot internet

For the past several months, the Berkman Center has been involved with an ambitious project, called Publius. On its surface, Publius is a collection of short essays about current issues in the internet and society, written by some of the … Continue reading

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Seduced by BBC’s maps of British infrastructure

I’m in love. I’ve been blogging these past few weeks about infrastructure and how we understand and misunderstand it. My motives are a bit oblique – I’m working on a writing project that looks at how we have and haven’t … Continue reading

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Interview on CBC

Nora Young, host of CBC’s radio program Spark, was kind enough to interview me on some of my favorite topics – xenophilia and cultural bridging, mostly – a couple of weeks back. That interview is airing in two parts, this … Continue reading

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