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Nollywood: is better distribution the remedy for piracy?

While my colleagues at Berkman are very good about scheduling many of the Center’s most exciting events on Tuesdays – the day I leave western MA for the wonders of Cambridge – there are lots of events too good to … Continue reading

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Beth Kanter and Allison Fine on the Networked Nonprofit

Beth Kanter and Allison Fine recently wrote “The Networked Nonprofit“, one of the key books focused on activism and social change in a digital age. They’re our lunchtime speakers at the Berkman Center (which in a linguistic tic, I seem … Continue reading

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links for 2010-10-04

A Tour through the Visualization Zoo – ACM Queue Extremely helpful overview of some common – and less common – data visualization techniques (tags: communication data design visualization reference statistics research information graph infographics)

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On being wrong, or prediction versus analysis

I had coffee a couple of weeks back with my friend Eli Pariser. Eli’s working on a book about personalization and the ways in which overpersonalization can prevent us from getting thorough, complete or accurate views of the world. From … Continue reading

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Public Spaces, Private Infrastructure – Open Video Conference

I’m speaking at the Open Video Conference in New York City today on a panel with noted Indian legal activist, Lawrence Liang. The panel is titled “Public Spaces, Private Infrastructure”, and we’re going to talk about the challenges that come … Continue reading

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