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Reflections on the cyberdissidents event

My impressions of Monday’s meeting at the Bush Institue are somewhat pointillistic – I’ve ended up having interviews and conversations throughout that have kept me from blogging the blow by blow. And personal events have meant that this summary isn’t … Continue reading

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Freedom House at the George W. Bush Institute

Freedom House, a seventy-year old organization, founded by Wendell Willkie and Eleanor Roosevelt, is now focusing on measuring freedom in online spaces. Christopher Walker and Robert Guerra are representing the organization at the George W. Bush Institute meeting on cyberdissidents, … Continue reading

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GWBush Institute – opening remarks

I’m speaking today at the George W. Bush Institute at Southern Methodist University on a conference on cyberdissidents. My colleague Hal Roberts and I are here to offer the technological counterpart to what’s otherwise a meeting to celebrate and recognize … Continue reading

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links for 2007-12-09

U.S. Agency’s Slow Pace Endangers Foreign Aid – New York Times Less than 4% of money approved by the Millenium Development Challenge has been spent in developing nations. MDC is moving very slowly and putting allocated funds at risk in … Continue reading

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Zimbabwe blacklists Global Voices

What if Zimbabwe declared “cyberwar” and no one noticed? Evidently, Global Voices is one of the sources of “‘virulent propaganda’ to delegitimise ‘our just struggle against Anglo-Saxons’.” We’re one of 41 websites blacklisted by the ZANU-PF government, a list that … Continue reading

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Notes for workshop on blogs and advocacy

Framework: digital tools for advocacy Examples: – News sites (Sokwanele, This is Zimbabwe) This is Zimbabwe Kubatana Kifaya Nazret blogs – Ecosystems – Technorati, linking Technorati Links to This is Zimbabwe – Amplification Global Voices GLobal Voices Zimbabwe Digg Submit … Continue reading

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Democrats invent the remix, only three years after the Tunisians

By now, afficianados of digital politics have seen Phil De Vellis’s remix of Apple’s “1984” ad, where an iPod-wearing athlete throws a hammer through a giant video screen of a droning Hillary Clinton. An Obama supporter, De Vellis made the … Continue reading

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A problem with Tor… which is really a problem with Java

I’m enroute to Palo Alto for the Metaverse Roadmap conference, using the plane flights as a chance to catch up on papers I hadn’t previously had a chance to read. One of the best in the pile I’m working through … Continue reading

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Hao Wu, in the Washington Post and at the FEAC conference

Rebecca’s got a great editorial today in the Washington Post about Hao Wu and the uneasy state of human rights in China. Building on Hao Wu’s detention and Nina’s experience advocating for her brother’s release, she talks about the fragility … Continue reading

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Yahoo! helps imprison Chinese dissident

Reporters Sans Frontieres has just reported that cyberdissident Li Zhi was imprisoned in China in 2003 on charges of “inciting subversion” based on evidence provided by Yahoo! Hong Kong. This case echoes the previous case of Shi Tao, a reporter … Continue reading

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