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Slingshot Hip-hop, and the power of digital Palestine

Monday night, Rachel and I went to our local movie theatre to watch “Slingshot Hip-Hop“, a documentary on Palestinian hiphop by Palestinian/Syrian/American filmmaker Jackie Reem Salloum. It’s the sort of film where 83 minutes of cinema can lead towards several … Continue reading

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Hip-hop and electoral politics: Democracy in Dakar

Apologies for lighter than usual blogging the past couple of weeks. I’ve been wrestling with recurring eye problems, and since the TED conference I’ve had to cut back on reading as my left eye is partly occluded. (For those following … Continue reading

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The biography I’m waiting for: Bambaataa and the parallel universe of hip hop

I wrote a book review, of sorts, last week about Walter Isaacson’s book on Steve Jobs and my concern that biographies, as a genre, celebrate a “great man” theory of history. While I remain convinced that we need more biographies … Continue reading

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Cute Cats to the Rescue? Participatory Media and Political Expression

Some years back, I gave a talk at O’Reilly’s ETech conference that urged the audience to spend less time thinking up clever ways dissidents could blog secretly from inside repressive regimes and more time thinking about the importance of ordinary … Continue reading

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Happy distractions: sumo, South African music, and Islamic hackerfic

This year is the first in decades where I’ve been beneficiary and victim of the academic schedule. While I spent almost a decade at the Berkman Center, research at that institution continues year-round, and there’s not much of a summer … Continue reading

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Wayne Marshall on Nu Whirled Music… and my thoughts, too…

For Tuesday’s Berkman lunch, we’re blessed with a visit from DJ, blogger and ethnomusicologist Wayne Marshall, one of my favorite chroniclers of the future of digital culture. His talk is titled “The Unstable Platforms and Uneasy Peers of Brave New … Continue reading

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John Fort walks a new path

I’m blogging from Camden, Maine, at the wonderful Pop!Tech conference. This year’s a special treat. My wife, the lovely Velveteen Rabbi, and I are team-blogging, trading off posts. You can read her posts on her website, or just read all … Continue reading

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Wu Tang and a wider world

Driving home from Boston Friday night, I caught much of an interview on Tom Ashbrook’s public radio program, On Point. The interview was with Robert Diggs – the RZA – the founder and leader of Wu Tang Clan, one of … Continue reading

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links for 2007-06-01

Joho the Blog: Yochai Benkler to join the Berkman Center Holy cow! Terry Fisher just announced that Yochai Benkler, author of the wealth of networks, is joining Harvard Law School and the Berkman Center (tags: berkman law) news: Well we … Continue reading

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links for 2007-05-29

Help Our Fight for Real Democracy – Wael Abbas talks about the Egyptian democracy movement, the involvement of bloggers, and asks Americans about Mubarak: “Is this the kind of regime you want your tax money to support?” via:Akwe (tags: … Continue reading

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