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Building the future of translation, online

Many of the conversations at the Berkman Center orbit the topic of technological determinism. While no one will actually admit to being a technological determinist, it’s pretty common to hear arguments that a new technology will lead, inexorably, to a … Continue reading

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The Open Translation Manual

In a post last week about the Open Translation Tools summit in Amsterdam, I mentioned a “book sprint” that was working to put together a book on Open Translation. Well, they did it. It was released today, and it’s a … Continue reading

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Notes and reflections from the Open Translation Tools Summit 2009

If you want to know what people around the world are thinking and feeling, you need help from a translator. Recent events in Iran are a reminder that the internet and citizen media aren’t enough to give us access to … Continue reading

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New York Times on Social Translation

Leslie Berlin did a great service to proponents of social translation by featuring a range of online translation efforts in her column for today’s New York Times, titled “A Web That Speaks Your Language“. Not only did she give an … Continue reading

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TED embraces social translation

My friends at TED have launched an exciting new project today, the TED Open Translation Project. It’s a powerful system to allow the “social translation” of their video content. This tool demonstrates the state of the art in social translation … Continue reading

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Chris Salzberg on Global Voices, and the challenges and potential of community translation

The last two major projects I’ve worked on – Geekcorps and Global Voices – share an interesting trait. Both ended up becoming research projects for academics studying the changing nature of organizations in a digital age. Dr. Leo Hsu of … Continue reading

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Lost in translation?

Say what you will about the decor in the Lloyd Hotel – and I have – the food’s pretty damned good. And the menu’s pretty charming, offering options like “boiled vegetables”, “posh boiled vegetables” or “superposh boiled vegetables”. I did … Continue reading

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Lost (and found) in Translation

One of the major focuses of Global Voices over the past year has been translating content from other languages into English, and translating the resulting English content into as many languages as possible. We were a little slow in realizing … Continue reading

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Language and translation on Global Voices

David Sasaki has put together a remarkable session on translation at the Global Voices conference. It begins with a conversation led by John “Feng 37” Kennedy in Chinese between the half dozen Chinese speakers in the room, then a five-person … Continue reading

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Translation and Information Flow

I was researching a piece for WorldChanging when I found myself wondering how many texts are translated from Arabic into English in any given year. It’s well-documented – and much bemoaned – that there’s little translation from English into Arabic. … Continue reading

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