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Mongolia conquers Japan

The May basho at Ryogoku Kokugikan ended yesterday with a clash between two profoundly talented rikishi. One was Asashoryu, who has been the sole Yokozuna – grand champion – of the sport since Takanohana retired in 2003. The other was … Continue reading

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Go Ama!

The 2007 sumo season is off and running, and we’re five days into the New Year basho at Ryogoku Kokugikan. There’s less excitement than some would like, at least in the pre-match standings – Asashoryu (4-1) is still the only … Continue reading

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How Freakonomics explains Hakuho’s non-promotion

A brief pause from the serious events of the world to ask a key question: Dude, how did Hakuho not get promoted to yokozuna? After a slow start to his basho – two losses by day 9, Hakuho won the … Continue reading

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In an uncertain world, the simple pleasures of sumo

Israel and Lebanon are at war again, and bloggers IM one another across the border while missles land in their cities. Bloodshed in Iraq has escalated to the point where more than 100 civilians per day die violently. The Taliban … Continue reading

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Sumo East and West

My Tivo periodically reminds me that I’m a sumo fan, recording random sumo-related TV shows. Because I live in the US, these shows rarely include actual sumo matches. ESPN used to show highlights of Japanese tournaments, but stopped some years … Continue reading

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It’s never to cold to riot in Ulaanbaatar!

It’s been a lively 48 hours in Mongolia, a country where it’s never too cold for political tumult. On Wednesday, ten ministers in Prime Minister Elbegdorj‘s cabinet resigned, forcing formation of a new government. Elbegdorj was named Prime Minister in … Continue reading

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It’s official – there’s now a sumo category on the blog.

I’m on my winter vacation from now until January 5th, which means, according to the circular I just got in the mail from the International Bloggers Union, Local 137, I’m not required to post every day and I’m encouraged to … Continue reading

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